Foreclosure Surplus Funds

Foreclosure Surplus Funds

Am I entitled to Foreclosure Surplus Funds?

After your home is foreclosed and you move out, you may still be entitled to recover money.  When your home is sold at a foreclosure auction, whoever bids the highest and takes ownership of the property may pay more for the purchase than you owed your lender.  This is especially true in the current real estate market where homes are selling for high value.  You have a right to claim these surplus funds, also known as Foreclosure Surplus Funds.  The calculation for Foreclosure Surplus Funds is the difference between the sales price and the amount you owed the lender.  For example, if the court ordered you owed $200,000 to your lender and the home was sold at auction for $250,000, you are entitled to the remaining $50,000 after the debt is satisfied.  In order to obtain these funds, you must act quickly so you don't lose your ability to claim these funds as your own.  


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