Deed in Lieu

Deed in Lieu

This is an agreement that you sign along with the deed to your home to allow the bank to own your property without court intervention.  If you have a pending foreclosure case and decide on this option, your foreclosure case will be over.  It is important to understand some of the terms in the agreement can be negotiated.  Some of these terms include time you are able to remain in your home before you must leave and the amount of money you can receive in exchange for agreeing to sign your home to the bank.  An important term you want in the agreement is called a deficiency waiver.  A deficiency waiver prevents you from being liable for any difference between the bank believes your home is worth and the amount you owed on the loan.  For example, if you owed $250,000 and the bank believes your home is worth only $150,000, without a deficiency waiver, you could be on the hook for the $100,000 difference.

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