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Are you worried about losing your home?

Facing foreclosure is emotionally draining and fear and anxiety will set in if they have not already.  If you are behind on your mortgage payments, the mortgage lender will have the court sell your home to repay the debt you owe on it.  In addition, late fees, interest, and attorneys' fees and costs are accruing now and increasing the amount of debt you owe.  The decision you make next could be the difference between saving your home or losing it to foreclosure.  Therefore, you must consider your entire financial picture, your options, and know the two parts to a foreclosure.  Also, you may be entitled to Surplus Foreclosure Funds if you property is sold. 

Understand How to Defend Your Home From Foreclosure


Think about the short and long-term effects of the decision you make next.


Know the options that you may, or may not, have available to you.  Options are intentional actions you can take to try to stop the foreclosure.  You may have options and not all of them will save your home. 



There are two parts to a foreclosure that you should understand.  While many people understand the first part, their options.  Most people do not understand the court case, the second part.

    1. The Court Case
    2. Your Options 


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Kyle & Kyle Law has over 20 years of experience and has helped thousands of homeowners like you.  In order to stay current on the daily changes of the law, we have access to all legal updates as soon as the court makes the final decision.  In addition, we have mastered the art of negotiation and litigation.  As you can see there are many options and we make it easy by knowing which options are available to you and pursuing (negotiating) the options on your behalf.

This is probably the first time you have faced foreclosure.  Well, it is not our first time.  We have helped thousands of homeowners just like you.  We care about your time and your future.  Our goal is to help you understand what options are available to you, help you make a decision on what to do next, handle your court case, and allow you to take control of your future and Smile with Kyle. To learn more, please also see our Foreclosure FAQ page.

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