The Court Case

The Court Case 

An attorney can handle the case in courtroom.  They have the knowledge of the law, the procedures, the proper documents needed, and can handle the legal strategy including the legal arguments (also known as affirmative defenses) that may be able to be used to defend your foreclosure case and save your home.  Or at the very least, minimize the financial impact and allow you to remain in your home for much longer. 

If you do nothing with the case, it could be only a few months before your home is auctioned and sold and you will be forced out of your home with no recourse.  However, if you decide not to hire an attorney, it is important that you understand how to respond to any legal documents you receive and attend all mandatory hearings and the trial. 

Many people contact our office when it is too late.  They say "I didn't hire an attorney and I used forms I found online."  They go on to explain they did not really understand what the forms meant to their case.  In these situations, their case is limited.  Their case was not properly litigated using affirmative defenses, discovery techniques, and motion practices.  The banks hire attorneys to foreclose on your home.  Don't go at this alone and hire Kyle & Kyle to represent you.

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