How do I stop the foreclosure of my home?

Posted by Katherine R. Kyle | Dec 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

How do I stop the foreclosure of my home?

There are several different types of residential foreclosure depending on where in the United States you live.  Each type of foreclosure has its own set of guidelines, and each is very different.  The main two types are non-judicial and judicial. 

Non-judicial allows a lender to foreclose on your property without the approval of a court.  Judicial requires the bank or lender that holds your loan to file a case in court and prove that it owns the mortgage and has a right to foreclose on your property. 

The good news is Florida is a judicial foreclosure state.  Therefore, a bank or lender must file a case in the circuit court where the property is located.  During the court case, the homeowner has the opportunity to raise defenses and challenge the foreclosure.  This allows you to raise defenses to a judge as to why the lender should not be allowed to foreclose on your home.  Because the lender must fight the case in court, you have the opportunity to fight back.  However, there is a specific time frame these defenses must be raised and filed with the court.

We are here to help and fight for you.  Our foreclosure attorneys understand the process, defenses, can help you make sound choices for your future, and fight your case in court. 

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