Is the letter I received in the mail stating my house is going to be auctioned real?

Posted by Katherine R. Kyle | Nov 11, 2021

Is the letter I received in the mail stating my house is going to be auctioned real?

Most likely no. 

If your home is in foreclosure, you will receive a final judgment of foreclosure.  This is a court order that does three things.  First, it forecloses everyone's interest to the property other than your lender.  Second, it states how much you owe the lender.  Third, it provides the date for the foreclosure auction. 

In addition to receiving a final judgment of foreclosure, the mortgage holder is required to provide you with a notice of the foreclosure sale.

Therefore, if you have not received a final judgment of foreclosure or a notice of sale, it is unlikely the letter you received stating your house is scheduled to be auctioned is real.

However, if you have received a letter and are worried about whether or not it is true, it is best to reach out to a foreclosure attorney who can research your court case and pull the actual court records to let you know what is really happening in your case. 

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